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News and Events

  • The Main Components of Solar Hot Water System

    Solar hot water system is a type of hot water system that collect heat and coverts it into energy. This is a highly efficient and eco-friendly system since it doesn’t cost you any form of fuel when operating it. This will also save you from electricity bill.


    No doubt, the most studied and fundamental technology for the solar-powered domestic hot water systems are the flat-plate solar collectors.The working principle of this unique technology is quite a simple one. A dark flat surface is exposed to receive heat energy from the sun. A large amount of this energy is collected and then channeled to air, water as well as other fluids for use.

  • 18 Flat Plate Solar Collector Advantages

    Power generation over the years have experienced a lot of development. From non-renewable sources now to more encouraged renewable sources. Renewable sources of power pose lesser risk to the environment. Generates power with lesser or no waste products.

  • Ready for Russian?

    A 40 foot container loading 267pcs FP-GV2.00 Flat Plate Solar Collector manufactured by Sinoyin Solar is about to be shipped to our Russian customer.

  • Flat Plate Solar Collection Efficiency

    The positioning of your solar panels determines the power output. The angle of the sun in comparison to the angle of the solar panel will determine the maximum power density. The tilt angle has the biggest influence on the efficiency of the solar panel. When the angle of the sun is reaching the sola

  • What is a Flat Plate Solar Collector

    There are mainly three types of solar collectors, a flat-plate solar collector is one of them. It typically is a metal box along with either a glass or a plastic cover which is typically called glazing. There is also a dark-colored absorber plate on the bottom of a flat-plate solar collector.Sunligh

  • 40GP Flat Plate Collector Delivered to Malaysia

    After several days preparation and production, A 40 foot container loaded with FP-GV2.00 Flat Plate Collectors has been shipped to our Malaysian customer.

  • Delivery of Sample Order to Ukraine

    A Ukrainian potential partner placed a sample order of 20pcs Flat Plate Solar Collectors for testing. After today’s delivery, we will achieve a long-term cooperation between us.

  • Delivery News: 50pcs Flat Plate Solar Collector to Switzerland

    The Flat Plate Solar Collector is the most popular product among Sinoyin Solar products. Today we are delivering 50pcs Flat Plate Solar Collector for the customer in Switzerland.

  • Delivery: Sample Order 25pcs Flat Plate Solar Collectors to France

    Recently a customer from France placed a sample order -- 25pcs flat plate solar collector for testing. And we delivered the goods on time based on the requirements of order.

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