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Technical Capacity

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  • 3 Ways to Collect and Use Solar Energy

    If the solar radiation provided by the sun is calculated, we would observe that it is enough to fulfil the planet’s requirement for a whole year. Moreover, solar energy already provides a great deal of power to the Earth by transforming through various natural means by heating surfaces, influencing weather phenomenon as well as photosynthesis thereby providing the plants with the energy required for growth.

  • What Can Be Done for Storing Solar Energy?

    With the entire challenges we are facing with respect to global warming and the startling increase in the rate of pollution caused as a result of greenhouse gases, solar energy and the methods used to harness it are becoming vitally essential to our future and that of our planet.

  • Holiday Announcement of 2019 Spring Festival

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this while. Please kindly be advised that our company will have a long holiday in observance of the Chinese Traditional Festival -- Spring Festival.


Quality Control from the source- Copper Tubes

*Copper tube adopts TP2 copper oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance is strong.
TP2 copper excellent welding performance, welding node good ductility;
*Copper adopt domestic brand copper suppliers, to ensure the quality of copper;
*Copper wall thickness are above 0.6 mm to ensure the sealing of copper pipe flow;

Solar Industry Disclose
1, In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use inferior copper pipe instead of high quality copper pipe; 
2, In order to reduce costs, some factory products are inconsistent with the contract requirements, when mass production, some factories changecollectors inside diameter and wall thickness of the copper pipe;
Solution: sample testing ( random testingq when massProduction )

Quality Control from the source - Aluminum Alloy Frame

* 6063 - T5 aluminum hou resistance is strong, high mechanical strength, is the guarantee of flat collector sturdy and durable ;
* Aluminum surface oxidation treatment,surface generates a layer of protective film layer, to ensure that the plate collector to adapt to the harsh outdoor environment;
* Our aluminum alloy frame from domestic brand aluminum suppliers.

Quality Control from the source - Absorber Material

Absorber is used with imported Germany high efficiency bul titanium, it is of high absorbility, low emissvity, α≥95%, ε≤5%, stable performance.

Quality Control from the source - Absorber Material

The material is EPDM with the good & reliable famous brand supplier,it is of Anti High temperature, weather  resistance, uvioresistant,can be more than 20 years working life.

Quality Control from the source -Glass cover

It is used 3.2mm low iron braided tempered glass, the light transmittance can upto 91.2%, also the matted finish on the glass can prevent the second reflex, more important, the hardness of the tempered glass is 5 times harder than normal glass. 

Quality control from the source - thermal insulation material

*Insulating materials use glass fiber cotton and stearic foam polyurethane
*Glass fiber cotton high temperature resistance, ageing resistance, coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.042 W/M * h * ℃, insulation Can good, high hydrophobic, cost-effective;
*Hard foam polyurethane, coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.027 W/M * h * ℃;
*Our insulation materials are from domestic brand suppliers; 

The quality and efficiency in parallel -mechanical pressure riveting and welding

Use the overall pressure riveting process (not play rivet process) for aluminum alloy frame and back plate , strengthening the four corners with aluminum soldering. The back plate is smooth, level off and has good sealing low heat loss, besides,no deformation under the 1000 kg dead load.

The quality and efficiency in parallel - Six sides has thermal insulation and laser welding

Our products adopt six surface heat insulation technology

The quality and efficiency in parallel- Ultra strong laser welding Absorer Technology

*Intensive laser welding plate;
*Unit length density affect the heat transfer performance of the solder joint.
*the industry of laser welds spacing is 5 mm more, ours is 2 mm;
Do you want to know more about the quality?
If you do not satisfy our products or service, welcome to send your complains to us, please state details with text and pictures or video to



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