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Technical Capacity

News & Events

  • How to Heat Swimming Pool With Solar collectors?

    Nowadays, the trend of using solar collectors is increasing. They are durable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. Due to this reason, people are likely to use these collectors at their homes and workplaces. In the majority of homes, you can easily find big swimming pools. For these swimming pools, yo

  • Save Money by Building a Solar Collector Panel

    Solar panels are modules capable of harnessing the energy of solar radiation. This faculty includes both the solar collectors used to produce hot water and the photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity.

  • How Could Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Work For You

    When you will look into the inner tube of the center of the swimming pool, you notice that the water present on the tube’s surface will become warm because of the sun. It is the basic solar energy principle.


Withstand pressure

1. Staffing Guarantee

The company has an elite team with rich experience in quality management and positive development. It has one quality manager and one supervisor; two engineers; and eight QC personnel, a total of 11 people. College degree or above, accounting for 27.5% of the total number of employees.

2. Production Process Capacity

Our company has a large number of advanced equipment and technology and decades of experienced senior experts and a positive and elite team, making the technical equipment and technology level at the advanced level in the same industry, with CNC punching machine, CNC punching and flanging machine, CNC shearing Machines, laser welding machines and other equipment ensure the quality of the company's products.

3. Detection Capability Guarantee

Testing is an important part of product quality control. The company currently has advanced equipment such as pressure testing machine, light transmission tester, salt spray test machine, constant temperature drying oven, five-in-one program-controlled safety tester and thermal performance test system.

4. Quality Management Guarantee

The company strictly implements the ISO9001-2008 quality management system and strictly controls every step of the raw materials, technology, production process, finished product testing and product trace-ability of the products to ensure that the quality management processes of each product are under control.

5. Solar Key-Mark,SRCC

In recent years, our company products took the lead from the European Union SOLAR KEYMARK, United States SRCC, CE certification, 3C

Test Item

Test Facility

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