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Technical Capacity

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  • 3 Ways to Collect and Use Solar Energy

    If the solar radiation provided by the sun is calculated, we would observe that it is enough to fulfil the planet’s requirement for a whole year. Moreover, solar energy already provides a great deal of power to the Earth by transforming through various natural means by heating surfaces, influencing weather phenomenon as well as photosynthesis thereby providing the plants with the energy required for growth.

  • What Can Be Done for Storing Solar Energy?

    With the entire challenges we are facing with respect to global warming and the startling increase in the rate of pollution caused as a result of greenhouse gases, solar energy and the methods used to harness it are becoming vitally essential to our future and that of our planet.

  • Holiday Announcement of 2019 Spring Festival

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this while. Please kindly be advised that our company will have a long holiday in observance of the Chinese Traditional Festival -- Spring Festival.



1. Accessories of collector need to be easy changed, maintain, easy to install.
2. Absorber must be put flat in the case, smoothly, Gap uniformity.
3. No distortion, no scratch.
4. Aluminium frame is of anti corrosion.
5. There should be no apparent shrinkage or swelling.
6. Product marking shall meet standard requirements.

Withstand pressure

1. Laser welding strength tensile test

Quality requirements: the strength tensile of welding >=10 Kgf.

2. Resistance to high temperature aging test

Quality requirements: 
a, after test, appearance have no deformation, discoloration, stratification of volatile
fade, crack and breakage.
b, after test, under the performance of the prescribed temperature,
all the performance parameters of carbide change should comply with the
relevant standards

3. Impact resistance test

Quality standard requirements:
The test result judgment criteria: 1.0 m, no broken, no crack of qualified

4. Rainfall test

Quality standard:
four hours in the rain,water into collector: <5 g/m2 or less.
Flat plate collector shall not be damaged and produce a large number of water vapor and water droplets

5. Visible light through/ reflectivity test

Quality standard:
a, no dark marks in the test products smooth surface which should be clean, no variegation, bubble, crack, qualitative, defects such as gas line.
b, Light transmittance >= 91% or higher

6. Hardness test

Quality standard requirements: 
a, the material is black, the hardness is type A 70 degree +/- 3 
b, material surface is smooth and soft elastic.
Do you want to know more about the test?
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