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The Main Components of Solar Hot Water System

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Solar hot water system is a type of hot water system that collect heat and coverts it into energy. This is a highly efficient and eco-friendly system since it doesn’t cost you any form of fuel when operating it. This will also save you from electricity bill. All of these merits you will get from solar water heater wouldn’t be possible without the help of the major components that is working effectively in order to offer the best service.


The main components of a solar hot water heater include:

Solar collector

This is obviously the heart of this system, what the solar collector does is gather heat emitted from the sun as its source of energy. Solar water heaters make use of the energy emitted by the sunlight and it’s very important for the solar collector to collect as much heat as possible and convert it to chemical energy in order to heat your water for the numerous purposes. This is the component you will usually find at the top of a household roof where it can easily gather sunlight.

Heat exchanger

This is another major component of the solar heat water system, it is directly collected to the solar collector through a pipe loop. The heat exchanger can be found within hot water storage tank. The role of this component is to actually executes the heating process by converting the collected sunlight into an energy that can make the heating process possible. The heat exchanger contains an anti-freeze for areas with cold temperature to prevent the water from freezing.

Hot water storage tank

The role of this component is to store hot water. Once the tank is provided with cold water it will be the one to heat the water in order to be used in bathing and other household chores. The hot water storage tank comes in several sizes that can store water of various quantity.

Temperature sensors

The role of the temperature sensors is to monitor the temperature of the solar collectors and that of the water tank just to make sure that the water heating process runs successful. Furthermore, this component also links with the solar controller module.

Solar controller module

The role of this component is to manage the movement of water between the solar connectors and the hot water tank. Proper circulation will be allowed if there will be an enough temperature that could heat the water. This is just to make sure that the unit heats the water instead of cooling them when the temperature is very low.

Circular pump

The function of this component is to allow the water move from the water storage tank up into the solar connectors. The circular pump is controlled by solar controller module. If there is no adequate temperature in order to make the heating process possible, the circular pump will not function.

Expansion tank

When the temperature of the water increases in the water heating system, pressure will also increase as well. When this happen, the expansion tank will be the one to absorb the pressure and this will prevent the tank from exploding. 

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