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What Can Be Done for Storing Solar Energy?

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With the entire challenges we are facing with respect to global warming and the startling increase in the rate of pollution caused as a result of greenhouse gases, solar energy and the methods used to harness it are becoming vitally essential to our future and that of our planet.

Solar energy is supplied freely by the sun thereby providing a constant source of energy on the cloudiest of day. The sun supplies six thousand times more energy daily than the entire human population of the earth uses annually.


That means that there is a whole lot of solar energy going to waste. We would take a look at what can be done so as to harness that energy and things we might consider doing in the future to harness more of the solar energy now going to waste.

Photovoltaic Technology

Photovoltaic panels are becoming more prevalent as more homes and business look to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and consequently, the size of their utility bills by adopting this ever-evolving technology. The photovoltaic effect was first discovered by Frenchman Edmund Becquerel who found that sunlight striking silicon caused a small electrical change to be generated.

This discovery was developed further and cells containing silicon were created and then wired together inside a glass and metal frame to produce solar panels. One or more solar panels are usually combined into what is known as an array to generate electricity for household or business use.

Photovoltaic technology is becoming more efficient and sophisticated and with the introduction of thin film solar panels, the future of this kind of technology looks extremely exciting and should result in solar panels becoming much more affordable.

Solar Thermal Energy

The solar thermal technology is not as common as its photovoltaic cousin but is nonetheless a vital piece in the solar energy puzzle. Solar thermal uses solar energy to heat either water or air which is then transferred via collector to its destination.

A common application for solar thermal is heating swimming pools which use a system in which the pool water is recycled via the collectors and reheated. Solar thermal is often used to provide heating for buildings when air is usually the medium of choice. It is also used to provide air conditioning which usually involve some kind of storage device such as batteries.

Passive Solar

Passive solar is a kind of technology which anyone can make use of by opening the drapes of southern facing windows in the Northern Hemisphere and opposite for southern Hemisphere so as to allow the sun to heat the room or building. That passive solar in its simplest form. Passive refers to fact that no mechanical equipment is actively involves in the conversion of solar energy for its required purposes.

It is becoming more widely integrated into the design as well as architecture of buildings in which the solar energy is stored in a thermal mass for later use. A thermal mass can be made from a variety of materials and is usually fixed into the walls and floors of the building.

We are gradually getting better at harnessing solar energy for our everyday needs and we can conclusively say that solar energy can be stored for later use with the aid of batteries after being collected using solar plates.

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