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What You Need To Know About the Various Types of Solar Collectors

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Are you in need of a solar collector? If you are then you need to be aware of the various types of solar collectors in the market.
This read will outline the different types of solar collectors that you can choose from as you make your purchase.

flat plat solar collector

Types of Solar Collectors

1.    Solar thermal air collector: These space-heating collectors could be unglazed or lazed. They are the most economical and efficient solar thermal technologies. They are popularly used in the commercial sector. It has a transparent layer on the top sheet and the surrounding has an insulated frame and back panel. All this prevents loss of heat to the surrounding. The unglazed solar collector uses a plate that absorbs heat and releases it to the air as it passes the plate.

2.    Solar thermal bowl collectors: If you know how a parabolic dish looks like, well this collector resembles it. However, if you want to distinguish them, take note that its mirror is fixed instead of a tracking mirror. The tracking mirror moves in the same direction as the sun to make sure that it captures all the energy before the sun is out of sight. This type of mirror is very expensive on a large scale. On the other hand, this collector has a fixed bowl that is affordable and it maximizes the solar energy by focusing the light produced by the sun on one spot. Even though this one does not track the sun, it saves energy output. The tracking collector uses a lot of output energy to be able to track the movement of the sun.

3.    Power tower system: It uses a dual-axis field that tracks the sun and directs the solar energy from it to a tower that has a large absorber. Now, only the power tower uses this form of energy collection system. The tower has big mirrors that track the sun’s movement across the sky at the tower. These mirrors are structured in such a way that they can center the light on a receiver at the tower top. With the aid of a computer, the mirrors always maintain the aligned rays and direct them onto a receiver. The temperatures at the receiver are at least one thousand degrees.

4.    Parabolic trough system: The troughs are shaped like the letter “U”. The receiver in this system is located at the trough’s focal line. This concentrates the sunrays there. Sometimes the receiver is enveloped with a glass tube that is transparent. This helps reduce the loss of heat. The receiver on this receiver has a temperature of at least four hundred degrees.

The other most popular ones include:

•    Vacuum tube solar collectors
•    Stationary concentrating solar collectors
•    Parabolic dish systems
•    Liquid-based solar collectors
•    Solar cookers
•    Batch solar collectors
•    Air based solar collectors
•    Concentrating solar collectors
•    Back-pass solar collectors
•    Unglazed perforated plate collectors
•    Unglazed flat-plate solar collectors
•    Glazed flat-plate solar collectors

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