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310 Pieces FP-GV 2.15 Exported To Colombia Successfully

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Glad to share with all of that our Colombia customer had placed an order of 310 pieces of FP GV2.15 Solar Key-Mark & SRCC certification Flat Plate Collector on 22nd March, and it is delivered on the 22nd Apr.

The customer firmly followed the process of the Inquiry-Quotation-Re-Quotation-Neogiating-Confirming the details-Placed the order-Inspection by Third Party-Delivery, during this period, our sales Lina put all of her energy and tried her’s best to solve the problem the customer met.

Since the customer always insists on quality is the most important thing when selecting the new supplier, and this is also our fundamental of our Company’s survival, so that’s why we can meet our customer needs.

At the same time, quality inspection is our daily work, the purpose was to ensure the stable quality of each product, this time, the third party selected serval products, tested from different aspects, none of them had a quality problem.

Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection

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