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Save Money by Building a Solar Collector Panel

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Solar panels are modules capable of harnessing the energy of solar radiation. This faculty includes both the solar collectors used to produce hot water and the photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity. In both cases, it is a clean technology that allows energy to be obtained without compromising the environment.


The photovoltaic panels are made up of different cells, responsible for converting light into electricity. The cells use the technically called photovoltaic effect to transform solar energy and make the current pass through two plates with opposite electrical charges.


However, this type of energy has not yet reached its technical perfection, therefore a good number of private firms and institutions are currently working with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the panels, in order to achieve an increase in the applications of solar energy.


Different applications

At the same time, different developments and research of universities and educational centers have allowed the creation of vehicles and maritime vessels powered by solar energy. One of the main disadvantages of the solar collector panels is the high cost involved, a feature that however is changing little by little.

The big problem so far was the value of silicon, used for the manufacture of the solar power panels. Currently, they have begun to use alternative materials or reduce the use of silicon, resulting in a decrease in production costs. At the same time, the increase in production will allow prices to continue to fall in the coming years.


Domestic hot water

On the other hand, solar water heaters have a more domestic use, and work by using the sun's energy to heat a liquid, which conducts the heat to a section dedicated to the storage of that heat. At the residential level, sanitary hot water can be obtained and stored in a deposit for this purpose, satisfying the needs of a family.

These heaters also have panels equipped with a receiver plate, along with tubes through which the liquid circulates that allows the creation of heat. The receiver, which is covered with a dark layer, is the one that transforms the solar radiation into heat.

In addition, the heated liquid is pumped to a complement dedicated to the exchange of energy, a coil in which it is parked to re-circulate later towards the original panel, with the purpose of being reheated. In this way, with a simple operation, clean energy is obtained and an important contribution is provided for maintaining the ecological balance on the planet.

Today we have different types of solar panels for sale in the global market. It is important to know that the solar water heating panels prices vary according to the manufacturer and model of your choice.