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Solar Hot Water System - Are They Worth the Price?

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Many people in European countries are trying to minimize their energy bills. Nevertheless, they are not able to do this. Each of us understands that to save power; we need to switch off lights properly and install only those appliances that are energy-efficient. However, did you have a thought about how much energy is consumed by your hot water system? More than 54 percent of people do not pay attention to the energy consumption of their hot water systems. This system can cost you thousands of dollars each year.

Solar Hot Water System

There are many hot water systems that are energy-efficient, but the best one is the Solar Hot Water System. It is one of the cheapest hot water systems. If you want to reduce your energy bills, then it is important for you to purchase Solar Hot Water System.

What is a Solar Hot Water System?

This system uses energy from the sun and then heats up the water of your place. It is able to provide 50 to 80 percent hot water needs of your home. It is effective in the summer season. Nevertheless, you cannot always depend on the sun to shine and warm your water. So, this system comes up with gas or electric boosters. It ensures that your home has sufficient hot water.

Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

There are diverse types of these systems. We have mentioned each type in a proper manner. Have a look:

• Evacuated Tube Collectors – The working principle of these systems is similar to the flat-plate collector. There is only one difference between these two; Evacuated tube collects the sunlight utilizing a series of glass tubes. These tubes have a seal of vacuum. It enables the efficient transfer of solar energy. These systems are efficient yet expensive.

• Flat-Plate Collectors – This hot water system utilizes a big solar panel which captures the sun rays and then passes the heat to the isolated tank of water. This system is cheap in price although it is not too efficient. In the winter or rainy seasons, these systems are not able to perform better. They come up in two models which include split and roof mounted.

• Heat Pump Systems – It is not similar to the above-mentioned types of hot water systems. It does not collect sunlight yet has a heat pump system that absorbs heat from the air and warm up the water.

Solar Hot Water System - Are They Worth the Price?

Indubitably, the price of each solar water heater system is high. The price ranges from 2000$ to 8000$. The prices depend on the type of system which you need. Have a look:

• Evacuated Tube Collectors – The price of this system varies from 3000$ to 8000$.

• Flat-Plate Collectors – The cost of this system goes up to 5000$.

• Heat Pumps – These are the affordable systems. The cost of these systems ranges from 3000$ to 4000$.

You might be wondering, are these systems worth the price? Well, the answer to this question is YES. These solar systems are durable and consistent as compared to the other hot water systems. Moreover, you just have to pay a big price once. After that, you can enjoy the low energy bills.