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Split Solar Water Heating System Split Solar Water Heating System

Sinoyin SFP series split pressurized water heaters including a flat panel collector, pressurized water tank, pump station and accessories, it is specially designed for villa buildings, and it is consist of a flat plate panel collector, pressurized water tank, pump station and accessories.

High efficiency, Attractive design
Safe and environmental
Customized service
Easy installation and low maintenance
Anti-freeze, works perfectly even -40 ℃
5 years' warranty for flat plate solar collectors

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  • Product Description

Solar Collector Specifications

Product   No. FP-GV2.15 FP-GV2.05 FP-GV2.00
Dimension 2050*1050*95  2015*1015*76  2000*1000*80
Gross Area (m2 )  2.15 2.05 2
Absorber Area (m 2 )  1.963 1.78 1.81
Number of covers 1
Cover material Low iron, tempered glass
Cover Thickness(mm)  3.2
Cover   Transmission  >91.7% 
Material  Aluminium board
Surface   treatment Sputtering (Germany imported Blue titanium absorber )  Black Chrome
Absorptivity  95±2% 93%
Emissivity  5±2%  9-11%
Construction   Type Grid type
Header   Material  Φ22mm*0.8mm Φ22mm*0.6mm
Riser tuber   size 8mm*0.75mm for FP-GV2.15 and FP-GV2.05 8mm*0.6mm for FP-GV2.0
Work   Pressure  
Test pressure
1.5 Mpa,keeps for 5 minutes
Riser   Material Copper TP2/CA1220
Performance Data

Max   power G=1000W/
per collector
1.52kw  1.352kw 1.25kw
Thermal   effiency  0.795 0.788 0.76
heat loss   coefficient a1* 2.889 W/m².K  3.411W/m².K  4.05W/m².K 
heat loss   coefficient a2*  0.026W/m².K  0.024W/m².K  0.03W/m².K
Maximum stagnation
    temperature for ambient
    conditions of 1000W/m2
    and 30°C
190.6°C 188.4°C  180°C 
Thermal Insulation

Insulation   Material  Fiberglass
Insulation   Thickness  50mm 35mm 35mm
Density  60Kg/m3 50Kg/m3 60Kg/m3

Frame Aluminium   alloy  Galvanized   steel/Al Aluminium   alloy 
Frame   Colour  silver or black
Back   Plate  Galvanized steel 
Sealing   Gasket  EPDM
Controller-Work Station Details

Dimensions 380×220×140mm
 Input voltage 200V~240V AC or 100V~120V AC
Power: ≤3W
Accuracy of temperature measuring ±1°C
Range of temperature measuring  PT1000 :   0~199°C NTC10K: 0~99°C
Expansion tank

Expansion vessel capacity: 5, 8, 12, 18 and   24L
    Thread: 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch
    Maximum operating pressure: 10 bars
    Maximum operating temperature: 100°C
Expansion Vessel Water tank
5L 100L
8L 150L
10L 200-300L
12L 350L-500L
24L 500L