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Solar Hot Water System

Solar panel collector centralized water supply system

The solar central hot water system is a central heating system consisting of multiple sets of solar collectors and other heat sources. It can realize the effects of constant temperature water, instant heat, etc. It is more convenient and faster to provide domestic water. At present, it is popular in Hotels, Bath centre, Student apartments,Hospitals etc. With the improvement of living standards, some home owners and some small and medium-sized hotels are gradually adopting.

The main components of the solar central hot water system

Solar flat plate collector                                        

It mainly has Vacuum tube,U Type collector and Flat plate collector, it is recommended flat plate collector, it is of pressure bearing system, low cost, stable performance, high heat collecting efficiency and long service life.

Storage hot water tank                                        

Normally has two types: One is a cylindrical insulated water tank with a capacity of 1-10 tons; the another is a square insulated water tank with a capacity of 1-1000 tons, and the square insulated water tank is used in the solar field. The tank liner is made of 304 stainless steel, and the outer casing is 201 stainless steel plate or hot-dip galvanized steel plate. The shape is beautiful and clean. The intermediate insulation layer is polyurethane foaming overall, with low heat loss and excellent thermal insulation effect. The size of the hot water tank can be customized according to the customer.

Circulation pipeline and insulation                                        

The circulating pipeline is the main channel for solar energy to transfer heat. The temperature can reach up to 150 degrees and the pressure is about 2 kilograms. It is not suggested to use PPR and other plastic pipes. The plastic material is easily deformed and twisted, resulting in damage or leakage of the pipeline. Thin-walled stainless steel tubes or hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are recommended. Pipe insulation is to reduce the loss of natural loss of hot water in the pipeline. Outdoor insulation is pixel insulation cotton. It is recommended to cover the aluminum skin outside the insulation. The use time is very long and the appearance is excellent.

Solar remote control system                                        

The solar remote control system is a derivative product after the (Android/APP) system, which can satisfy the customer's observation and data collection of product performance. Whether on the computer or on the mobile phone, the solar temperature and water tank temperature can be viewed anytime and anywhere. Information such as water level, real-time monitoring and operation.

Auxiliary heat source                                        

It is includes:
Electric auxiliary heating, electric boiler, gas boiler, diesel boiler, air energy heat pump, etc., can choose auxiliary heat source according to different situations. Recommendation 1: Use a combination of solar energy (main) + electric auxiliary heating (auxiliary), low cost, stable performance, no seasonal changes. Recommendation 2: Use a combination of solar (main) + air source heat pump (auxiliary), stable performance, maximize energy conservation and reduce costs.

Circulation pump and booster pump                                        

The circulating pump is a water pump between the hot water storage tank and the solar collector. The medium temperature is 100 degrees. The head and flow rate need to be in accordance with the system configuration. The brand recommends the German or Danish brand pump with excellent stability and service life. About 5 times the domestic pump.
The booster pump is a water pump between the hot water storage tank and the indoor water point. The medium temperature is 80 degrees. The head and flow rate are also according to the actual configuration. It is better to use the variable frequency booster pump to achieve the constant pressure effect of each water point.

Control system                                        

The solar control system is the core part of the entire solar water heating system, and it completely controls the temperature difference between the solar collector, the hot water storage tank and the indoor pipeline. Usually, a set of solar control system is divided into multiple operation control outputs, such as: temperature difference circulation system between solar collector and storage tank; temperature difference circulation system of hot water storage tank and water point; intelligence of auxiliary heat source Start and stop system; water level control system and so on.

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Working principle

Working Principle of Solar Hot Water System
Perssurized Tank
Circulation Pump
Expansion Tank
Flat Collector
Collector Bracket
Ciculation Pipeline
Pipeline Copper Fitting

The scope of application

Solar collectors can be widely used in residential, military, industrial and mining enterprises,government schools, hotels, restaurants, villas, railway stations, swimming pools,cotton mills, warm water aquaculture plants, greenhouse solar energy warming,etc. Production of domestic water that requires temperature.
The solar central heating system has the characteristics of one-time investment and low operating cost. It is the most economical in the solar collector engineering, gas water heater, electric water heater and oil boiler, and it is safe, reliable, beautiful and pollution-free.

Applications of Solar Hot Water System
Applications of Solar Hot Water System

Solar collector engineering knowledge

Product selection: As a product used in engineering, it not only has high requirements for product quality, but also meets engineering product requirements in product design. General products cannot be used in engineering design because the products on the market are designed for use in the home. If the failure rate is high in the project, the thermal efficiency is low and the design intent is not achieved.

Auxiliary Energy

Solar collectors rely on the sky to eat. If there is insufficient solar light in the rainy, foggy and snowy weather, the collector can not get enough energy. At this time, the solar energy project can not meet the normal water demand. At this time, the second energy is needed as an auxiliary. . Generally, solar energy projects choose auxiliary energy equipment such as electric heating pipes, electric boilers, gas boilers, oil-fired boilers, etc. The selection of equipment models must take into account the maximum hot water demand of rain, fog, and snow, which will inevitably affect the normal hot water demand, and at the same time realize investment. Economic

Auxiliary Energy

Control System

Electrical control is an important part of solar energy engineering. It can realize intelligent control of hot water engineering, such as: automatic water supply, water full stop, display water temperature and water level, automatic or timed electric heating, timed water, winter antifreeze Control of pipeline circulation and supercharging. Control system selection is particularly important because of the electrical instability and high failure rates that require special maintenance. The control system requires regular manufacturers to produce, so that there is system quality assurance. Reduce system failure rate and improve the overall performance of solar engineering.

Control System

Water Replenishment System

Solar energy projects can provide continuous hot water, which requires sufficient water to supplement. The float box is generally used as a water replenishing tool, and the float box can function as a current limiting and pressure limiting, which is stable and safe to the solar energy project. In the cold season in the north, it is necessary to heat the float box to increase the electric heating inside if necessary to ensure that the cold water can be replenished in time without affecting the normal operation of the system.

Water Replenishment System

Pipeline Design

The design of the engineering connection pipe is particularly important. If the system piping design is unreasonable, the water head resistance is too large, the water output is small, the hot water supply is insufficient, and sometimes the hot water short circuit may occur. It seriously affects the normal operation of the system. The pipeline design requires water balance as much as possible. The pipe diameter requirements are matched with the system design to calculate the reasonable flow of the pipeline.

Pipeline Design

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