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How to Heat Swimming Pool With Solar collectors?

Nowadays, the trend of using solar collectors is increasing. They are durable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. Due to this reason, people are likely to use these collectors at their homes and workplaces. In the majority of homes, you can easily find big swimming pools. For these swimming pools, yo

Save Money by Building a Solar Collector Panel

Solar panels are modules capable of harnessing the energy of solar radiation. This faculty includes both the solar collectors used to produce hot water and the photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity.

How Could Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Work For You

When you will look into the inner tube of the center of the swimming pool, you notice that the water present on the tube’s surface will become warm because of the sun. It is the basic solar energy principle.

Mrs Xu -- CEO of Sinoyin

CEO: Mrs Xu

A woman who was aimed to provided with the most advanced Flat Plate Collector in China, thus dedicated in Flat Solar collector researching for more than 20 years, from the day of established, she had involved with the design & researching for improving of the flat collector technology. With more than 10 years experience, and continuous researching and developing, company had won certifications from domestic and oversea market.

Marketing & Technical team:

A team was build to met for the market position and technology developing,it is combined with around 20 persons,each of them is with professional knowledge in Marketing and technology researching.
With the help of the technical team,we had successfully create our FP-GV 2.15 & FP-GV2.05 for high end European Market,and gained the Certification of Solar Key-Mark,SRCC etc.

Production Team:

It is a team with well trained knowledge base and 4-5 years solar collector manufacturing experience,take seriously to the daily work,pay attention to details,strict to the quality had become their principle.

Installation and maintaince service team:

Well trained and trustworthy with strong installation and maintaince knowledge will do a great help to customer’s all questions and troubles,also quick reply for user guidance and repair service.

Staff Team of Sinoyin
Staff Team of Sinoyin

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